Foto: © | Thomas Senf

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One mountain,
Two stories

Film Trailer

Film Premiere

The Tupendeo film premiere will take place on November 19th at the Kendal Mountain Festival (UK).

Film Description

Leaving a trail is not a uniquely human activity. All animals do, from thin sheep tracks to the chemical trail left by a line of ants. Whether we wish to or not, we leave our mark wherever we go.

As the world’s population increases, and travel becomes easier, we must journey further, or look more closely, to find untrodden ground or an unclimbed peak. We seek the opposite of the trail’s logical purpose: instead of getting from one place to another as simply as possible, we break trail for no other reason than to find somewhere new and to feed our hunger for adventure.

When Stephan Siegrist, Thomas Senf and Dres Abegglen set off towards Tupendeo in 2015, they have no clue that the peak already has its own story to tell. The locals warn them that tragedy had struck many years ago. As the trio climb up the face, they come across an old rope still hanging along with a rappel device, causing many questions to arise. Who left it hanging there? What happened?

They all know far too well how close success and defeat can be on a mountain. Upon reaching the summit, they decide to bring the rappel device back with them and search for traces. They want to know whose story the Tupendeo was hiding.