Photo: © | Thomas Ulrich

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Torre Egger

Stephan Siegrist and
Alexander Huber
summited Torre Egger.


To get this last peak it took 1.5 days. We spent the night on a small rock ledge. We had to sit closely together, because this helped to keep us warm. But the pain and suffering paid off and now I feel this wonderful feeling of happiness and relief.

The team reached the summit via the route called  Titanic  (ED+: VI 5.10b A2 90 degrees, 950m).  Titanic was put up by Giaroll and Orlandi February 10-11 of 1987.  “We suggest the name of Titanic for our route. The smooth granite of the upper part of the pillar has the form of a great overhanging prow of a mysterious ship“ – said Elio Orlandi (AAJ 1987).

The team has climbed multiple other smaller peaks to warm up, which also included first ascent on Silla.  From January 22-23, Siegriest, Huber brothers and Mario Walder, made the first ascent ofL a Silla’s west face: El Bastardo (5.10 A0, 1500m).