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Stephan Siegrist

Schweizer Profi-Alpinist

Schweizer Alpinist und Expeditionsbergsteiger unterwegs zwischen Himmel und Erde.
© Thomas Senf
Foto © Thomas Senf

Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Webseite. Sie finden auf diesen Seiten Informationen und Geschichten, Fotos und Filme meiner Abenteuer, zu meiner Person und meinen Referaten. Wir haben diese neue Version der Webseite vor kurzem neu eingerichtet und werden in den kommenden Wochen weitere Inhalte hinzufügen.

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Check out what the boys are up to! Nice one! Repost from @scottfreeski SCOTT athlete, @danetudor and @simon.hillis take an introspective look at one’s attraction to the mountains, different types of snow conditions and terrain as they explore the breathtaking valley and mountains of British Columbia. SOUND ON and watch the trailer for “The Mountains Are Calling”! The movie drops on November 15th. 📍: British Columbia #NOSHORTCUTS #SCOTTfreeski #TheMountainsAreCalling 📹: @_shredhousemedia_

Last few presentations and projects around home...then off for some time with my family before heading off on expedition later this fall... @mammut_swiss1862 @cep_global @pamp_sa @ringgarageag @scottsports @wildclimb @wuerthswitzerland @lauterbrunnen #family #mountains #climbing #timewellspent #workhardplayhard #outsideoffice

Great start to the week & great weather for a few pitches in my backyard 😉! Over the years I’ve had the honor of meeting some incredible people who live what I would consider very full and interesting lives. They seek out boundaries and take risks in areas I know very little about... Ironically they often think the same about my life. We swap stories about our different worlds and often realize how many parallels there are amongst our differences! These are some of the moments I appreciate most about my job! Nice one Sevi - next time you take lead 👍 @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @wildclimb @pamp_sa @lauterbrunnen #climber #tbt #leaveyourcomfortzone #workhardplayhard

Winding down & enjoying the view. You don’t need to go far around these parts to find a small piece of paradise! Progress is good... but there are some things that are at their best when left as they are...😉 @medigmbh @cep_global @scottsports @pamp_sa @lauterbrunnen @grindelwald_eiger @mammut_swiss1862 #bellevuedesalpes #bergen #mountains #kleinescheidegg #72waterfalls #ride #eiger @thelifeofnikifly #youandme

On September 9, 1999 we started our ascent in the Heckmair Route on the Eiger north face for What was then SF & SWR. Today, exactly 20 years after our live broadcast, we celebrated the massive achievement it was in those days to pull something like that off successfully! Thank you to everyone involved in organizing the anniversary - it was a pleasure seeing you all happy and healthy after so many years!! @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @pamp_sa @srfglanzundgloria @srfschweizerradioundfernsehen @lauterbrunnen @wengen_maennlichen @maennlichen @grindelwald_eiger #eigerlive #1999 #eiger

Going through these old photos makes me realize how far the alpine world has come over the past two decades! I wouldn’t even know where to start naming all the people who were involved with making the Eiger Live possible! Some have become great friends, & others I haven’t seen in 20 years! Looking forward to catching up with the many friends and faces from the ground crew, to guides and organizers from Grindelwald , to the SRF crew... and so many more who all played their part in making broadcast happen! @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @pamp_sa @ringgarageag @srfschweizerradioundfernsehen @lauterbrunnen @grindelwald_eiger #eigerlive1999 #flashback #eigerextreme

This has been a year of anniversaries for major events, climbs and people who have helped shape my life. In retrospect, 1999 was a wild and bloody busy year! The one event that would ultimately change the course of my career and open doors to making life as a pro climber possible was EIGER LIVE. In 1999 Swiss National TV broadcast a live series of Evelyne Binsack, Hansruedi Gertsch, Ralf Dujmovits and myself climbing the classic Heckmair route through the eiger north face. It was epic and no small task 20 years ago! @mammut_swiss1862 @medi @cep_global @pamp_sa @scottsports @binsackevelyne @ralfdujmovits #hansruedigertsch #srf #eigerlive1999 @grindelwald_eiger #eiger #livetv #1999

Hanging out in the Berner Oberland ... always somewhere to climb and enjoy the view from! @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @pamp_sa @ringgarageag @lauterbrunnen @wildclimb @jungfrauregion #lobhörner #climbing #highplaces #72waterfalls #lauterbrunnen

After our red point ascent on La Vida Es Silbar, the route had very few visitors. Over the last twenty years there have been a few mentionable repeats, and in some cases, some very strange stories! As this summer marks La Vida’s 20th anniversary, there has been a lot of traffic on the route...and all the gear, and tick marks that come with! The one repeat I am most impressed by though belongs to Daniel Anker himself. Daniel turned 60 this year and recently repeated his visionary route La Vida Es Silbar! He’s a guy who doesn’t care much for fame and fortune, he’s a quiet fighter! Congratulations old friend on a brilliant performance!!! @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @pamp_sa @@altimum_sa #eigernorthface #climbing #alpine #legend #repeat #happy60th #wildtimes @lauterbrunnen

Thought I’d enjoy a fun game of chess ♟ with the kids... Ended up getting my butt kicked by a 6 year old🥴! What ever happened to respect for your elders...? @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @scottsports @pamp_sa @lauterbrunnen @murrengimmelwald #sonnenberg #chess #outdoorkids #mountainlife #winnertakesitall

For the film Autoroute by legend Rob Frost (USA), Roger Schäli and I (back in the days when we still had to show ID to buy alcohol 😜)were on the road in the La Vida es Silbar At that time we were flat mates. A busy, wild & carefree and time! Fifteen years ago, our paths slowly went their separate ways, partly due to diverging interests. With the new common route Silverback on the Rotbrett (Jungfrau) our paths came together again... funny how sometime you pick up close to where you left off! @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @pamp_sa @altimum_sa @petzl_official @lauterbrunnen @rogerschaeli #lavidaessilbar #lauterbrunnen #72waterfalls #climbing #eigernorthface #alpine #friendship #wildtimes @robfrostmedia #autoroute #backintheday

Despite the meltwater and the wet rock, we were still able to keep working on the route. We had set up a good hanging home; The Hotel Rote Fluh. From there, we’d often start in the evening, once the late afternoon sun had dried off the rock, then set up a couple more new meters on the face. Dani and I spent a lot of great, relaxed, fun days in the wall. Even though we’re 13 years apart in age , which was a lot back then, we understood each other like old mountain mates. I was deeply impressed with Dani's climbing skills & his relaxed, easygoing demeanor. We didn’t manage to finish the 900 meters needed to open the route that summer, but we were both stoked at the idea of spending the following year together again in the great rock in the north face of the Eiger! @thomasulrichexplorer @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @pamp_sa #eigernordwand #eigerextreme #lavidaessilbar #1998 #climbing #storytelling

Swiss climber Daniel Anker is one of the most humble people I know. There aren’t many photos of him around, but there are a few great stories! In 1998 he asked me to if I’d be keen to join him & open a new route in the Eiger North face. Dani’s idea was a free climbing route through the heart; trying the overhanging Red Fluh in the Eiger North Face was futuristic! So far, there was only one Artif route on the left edge of the Rote Fluh - the Japanese route. Summer weather in the alps does not make it easy to catch the right window to find dry rocks in the central part of the Eiger North Face.... by the end of July 1998 the vertical rock was wet, especially in the morning hours due to run off from melting snow. This was the beginning of what would become a legendary route in the Eiger north face, La Vida Es Silbar... stay tuned, there’s more... @thomasulrichexplorer @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @pamp_sa @ringgarageag @altimum_sa @wildclimb #eiger #climbing #klettern #flashback #danielanker #1998 #rotefluh

Beautiful sunset stroll in the beautiful alps! Thanks @thomasulrichexplorer for catching the moment #tb @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @pamp_sa @scottsports #alpine #highline #sunset

Fun day in the mountains with one of my most favorite Seilpartner’s! @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @pamp_sa @altimum_sa @petzl_official #mountains #alpine #fathersongoals #petzlgram @ringgarageag

Congratulations to our good friend Krishna & the crew at @chennaibiryanihouseinterlakan !! Beautiful food & by far the best Biryani in The Berner Oberland ! #indianrestaurant #madras #chennai #biryani #goodfood #spice #interlaken #new #goodfriendsgreatfood

Hanging out with @mario_heller & @danmooreclimbing 🙏 @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @ringgarageag @scottsports #highline #slackline #balance #lostintheforest #focus #hangingout #gopro

Repost from @ringgarageag #ringgarageagchur #xklasse #mercedes #mercedespickup ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Extrembergsteiger Stephan Siegrist ist sicher unterwegs mit der X-Klasse der Ring Garage

The past 20 years have flown by, but I can remember some stories as if they happened yesterday! After being cut off from the outside world for 30 days, no means of communication & no weather reports, we left our camp and head back to CHALTEN again. We were pretty surprised to meet up with a group of Englishmen in the deserted village... including Andy Kirpatrick. They were less fortunate than we had been in the mountains. An unforgiving Patagonian storm had destroyed their tent. Happy to see other people again, the English crew invited us to join them for a drink... and that is exactly what we did! Lesson learned: never underestimate the power of a disappointed group of English climbers... and a few bottles of hard alcohol! They’ll drink you under the table - hands down!! @psychovertical @thomasulrichexplorer @gregory.crouch #patagonia #climbing #cerrotorre #firstascent #winter #englishmen #civilization #expeditions #wildtimes #learningbydoing

Park your axe & enjoy the view! @mammut_swiss1862 @medigmbh @cep_global @pamp_sa @altimum_sa @petzl_official @scottsports #eiger #climbing #guiding #mittelegihütte #petzlgram